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Subscription Plans

Wrinkle free all year round!

Maintenance plans are here!


Finally there is an affordable, sustainable way to maintain a wrinkle free look.


Maintaining your 'Botox' with a subscription plan; that is the answer to the question many of you have been asking. Basically, it’s a way to pay for your anti-wrinkle treatment over a number of months rather than in a lump sum. Imagine being able to get your anti-wrinkle treatment done for ‘free’ in December, an already financially overburdened month! It’s easy! Choose your plan, read the T’s & C’s and sign up with a monthly direct debit. Then come in for your treatments at your chosen regular intervals to maintain your good looks!

Treatment every 6 months. Ideal for those whose toxin seems to work forever.



Treatment every 4 months. For those who fit the usual recommended interval.

Treatment every 3 months. Ideal for strong muscles or maintaining a frozen look.


You’ll love it so much you will want to spread the word. So why not benefit from it?! For every friend you refer that signs up for the subscription, you will get £20 towards another treatment or skincare product. And to reward your loyalty, after a year on subscription you will receive a free Radiant or Glow peel to treat yourself. What better way to treat yourself than with refreshed, glowing skin!

What could possibly be the catch?


You can cancel your subscription at any time, it’s not a set time contract and I cannot force you to pay.

This is a maintenance plan, your initial treatment should be done prior to signing up. Treatments will only occur once payments have been received for the set amount of time stated in the plan. 3 payments for the Saturate plan and 4 payments for the Sprinkle plan. If you want treatment prior to this and it is reasonable to do so, then the outstanding amount would be payable at the time of treatment. If you should choose to cancel prior to the next treatment, you will be refunded the payments made since the last treatment.

What is the benefit?


Other than maintaining a wrinkle-free look all year round at a small monthly cost, you will get your treatment at a reduced rate! Currently you are paying £280. With Saturate, it works out to £225 a treatment, Sprinkle to £228 and Spritz £240, that’s a massive saving!


Here is what some of the ladies have said about the subscription plans: “It’s definitely helpful to spread the costs, so that as my appointment approaches I don’t worry about the cost. I just look forward to the treatments.” And “Love that I can spread out the cost - I signed up the instant I could.”

“Ageing is a fact of life. Looking your age is not!”

For any questions or clarity as to which plan is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Call: 07342243654, email:

I will not be holding your card/bank details. You will set up the direct debit through GoCardless who is well known and reputable. They are authorised by the FCA, are GDPR compliant and have strong encryption protocols. Direct debits are also at much lower risk for fraudsters than credit card transactions.

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