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How to choose the right aesthetic practitioner for you in Salisbury

Are you looking at having an aesthetic treatment?

It's important to take some time and do research into finding an experienced aesthetic practitioner at a reputable clinic. Doing so ensures that you can reap the benefits of quality aesthetic treatment without sacrificing safety and health. Do not base it on price alone.

When it comes to aesthetics (ie Botox, fillers, skincare, lasers and body contouring), having an experienced and highly qualified practitioner is key. A good aesthetic practitioner should possess knowledge and experience in both the medical aspects of aesthetic treatment as well as its artistic side, such as facial contouring or reshaping for example.

With the recent increase in demand, there has been a surge in practitioners training as well as training academies popping up. In the UK the aesthetics industry is unregulated, which means pretty much anyone can train in and perform these treatments! And so with this has come a rise in complications, some making the headlines and getting the government's attention.

As such, it is essential that you thoroughly check out a potential practitioner’s credentials before committing yourself to any treatment. Ensure that your chosen aesthetic clinic has been accredited by professional bodies, as this will provide further assurance of their qualifications and expertise in providing aesthetic treatment.

It also pays to read reviews and testimonials from previous patients in order to get an idea of the clinic’s service quality and safety standards. Before and after photos can give you an idea of the results expected from the practitioner. The results should correlate with your intended outcome. If you don't like the overfilled look then make sure your practitioner has a portfolio of natural-looking results. Look at their Instagram feed it should not just be before and afters but give you a sense of their values and their personality. Do these align with yours?

Where is the clinic based? Does it have its own parking or will you need to walk through town? You may want to choose a clinic that has its own parking, affording you privacy and discretion.

With this information, you can make a more informed decision on your choice of aesthetic practitioner and aesthetic clinic for your treatment.

At the end of the day, selecting the right aesthetic practitioner and clinic is essential for achieving the desired results without sacrificing your health and safety.

Therefore, take some time to do research into potential practitioners and clinics before committing to a decision or any specific treatment. Book in for a consultation to meet the practitioner, talk through your concerns, look at their portfolio of cases (not all cases will be available on a public domain) and get a feel if the clinic and practitioner is right for you. See another one or two from your shortlist before making your final decision. Doing so ensures that you receive quality treatment from experienced professionals in a safe setting.

It is important to choose an experienced practitioner who will listen to your needs and tailor treatments specifically to you.

At Fountain of Youth Salisbury, Dr Roxi has been performing non-surgical aesthetic treatments since 2019. Her expertise in skin rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle injections and advanced skincare make her one of the most highly sought-after aesthetic practitioners in the area. She takes a personal approach with each patient to ensure that their individual requirements are prioritised during their consultations and treatments.

Dr Roxi is focused on helping women radiate with confidence by enhancing their natural beauty. She is all about skin first, natural results and authentic relationships. Her passion for aesthetics is reflected in her professional yet relaxed approach to create a truly bespoke experience. She ensures that all expectations are met while providing patients with the best possible outcome. Her garden-based clinic offers privacy and easy access while still providing a professional and safe environment.

Dr Roxi is a fully qualified medical doctor (over 12 years) who has gained extensive experience and knowledge over the years working in plastic surgery and as an aesthetic practitioner.

If you are looking for an experienced aesthetic practitioner for your non-surgical treatments, then look no further than Fountain of Youth Salisbury and Dr Roxi! She will provide you with expert advice on the best course of action tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. With her outstanding skills and qualifications, you can be sure that you will receive the highest standards of care every step of the way.

Contact Fountain of Youth today for a consultation and see what Dr Roxi can do for you.

Dr Roxi at Fountain of Youth, Salisbury


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