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Covid-19 Pandemic: The Ideal Time for Lip Fillers

Some might think that there is no point in getting lip fillers now with all the mask wearing. I mean who is going to see it anyway? But the Covid-19 pandemic has made this the ideal time to have lip fillers. Let me explain...

Cover up while your lips settle

Lip Fillers can be a scary undertaking for newbies, with many worrying about bruising and swelling in the initial phase. In these Covid-19 times we are expected to wear a mask in any indoor public settings or where crowding is likely (like school runs). No one seems to question anyone wearing a mask in the car or in the open either. This is a blessing when it comes to lip fillers, especially if you were wanting to be discreet and hope that no one would notice. What, you don’t want people to notice? Yes, there are people who don’t want others to know they’ve had treatments done.

There is a cycle over the days following lip fillers, where there is redness and swelling. This settles after a week. If there are any side effects, like bruising, then this will also fully settle after a week. Wearing a mask will provide you with the best cover and allow you to reveal your lips when you are ready, like a grand event.

The slow and steady approach

When lips are very thin, it is best not to rush in with too much filler in one setting. The best approach is to build up over time. Done 4-6 weeks apart, giving time for the lips to fully settle and then topping up. Each time you can use the mask to cover and wait for any side effects to settle, plus there is the benefit that if no-one saw your lips between procedures, it would be a better reveal.

The why

If your point is; who will see it anyway, then you have to question why you want fillers in the first place. The reasons are many; thin lips, asymmetry of the lips, smokers lines, wanting to restore their lip volume that was lost with age. This should always be a personal decision, and never for others anyway. If you however were considering it but had been hesitant then maybe now is the best time.

Word of caution

There is a possibility that contracting Covid-19 or having the covid-19 vaccines could cause your fillers to swell. This has been described previously with the Flu but because it was quite rare it was not well known. It occurs due to an immune response brought on by the viral infection and reverses often without any medical intervention. It is advised to delay fillers for at least 2 weeks after having the vaccine. In fact this applies to all aesthetic treatments during the covid-19 pandemic. Be sure to inform your practitioner if you will be shortly having your vaccine. On the plus side you can hide it behind a mask should this happen.

Covid-19 is the best time for lip fillers.

This is truly the best time to get lip fillers, using your mask to hide any side effects and wait for a big reveal once everything has settled. Book an appointment for your lips today.

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