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All in the Eyes - Aesthetics and Skincare with a Mask

Masks have been covering our lower face for the last year and I don’t see them making a quick exit. I think it’ll be more like the long drawn-out Brexit plans. The focus of everyone’s attention is then on your eyes and up (unless of course you draw their eyes to something else). Every line, wrinkle, spot or hair out of place is all the more noticeable.

This pandemic has also taken its toll with stress, working harder and having to juggle more. Maybe that is showing up on your face and particularly around your eyes. Why not take the opportunity to neaten things up, smooth the wrinkles and treat your skin?

Treat the Eyes with an Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is particularly delicate and prone to showing ageing first. Masks rubbing up on that area is not helping. Use an eye cream in the evenings that will soothe, nourish and restore the skin while you sleep. Be sure to focus on the under-eye area and apply the excess around and onto the upper lid. Use your ring finger to keep your touch light and in a dabbing, not a rubbing, motion.

Try the new Eye Edit from AlumierMD that has two steps that provide 10 active ingredients to target dark circles and puffiness whilst infusing moisture and nourishing the eye area.

Gently Does It

Focusing on the eyes means you may have amped up your eye makeup. Remember to be gentle when removing it (yes you need to do that every night). Use gentle products. This is a difficult one for me as often the gentle ones don’t do a great job. The trick is to take your time. Soak the eyelashes and wait a while for the product to work before trying to remove with a cloth or cotton pad. Avoid rubbing. If you have been left with product or panda eyes, repeat the step, not increasing your vigour. There are mascara’s out there that can be removed with water alone.

Relax the Wrinkles

While we want to be able to express ourselves with our eyes, we don’t want excessive wrinkles that make us look older. You can have this balance. Anti wrinkle injections (Botox) will relax the wrinkles and prevent the lines without leaving you with a frozen expression.

Another tip is to change up your makeup! Some foundations will crack and leave lines around your forehead and eyes instantly ageing you. Why not speak to a makeup artist if your foundation is doing this to you.

Eye Hollows and Dark Circles

These may just be peaking out from under your mask depending on the design or how well you are wearing it. Hollows happen with age as we lose some fat in this area over time. This area (known as the tear trough) will seem darker as the vessels are now more visible. Lack of sleep seems to make this worse, as is being worn out. An easy fix actually. Tear trough fillers will instantly reduce the hollows and improve on the dark appearance, leaving you younger-looking and refreshed within minutes.

Draw the Attention Away

While you wait for the skin to show the benefits of what you are doing, try drawing the attention away. Do a funky hairstyle, or put an eye-catching clip in it. Wear a bold top or an eye catching necklace.

Aesthetics and Skincare is All in the Eyes

Now is the time to focus your efforts on the eyes. Makeup, skincare and any aesthetic treatments. You have survived this pandemic, don’t let it show on your face. Send me a message if you need any help with the skincare or aesthetic treatment advice.

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